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Hands on Training 

 Fire Rescue Group provides comprehensive and tailored courses, with interactive classroom lectures combined with on-site hands-on training. We will work with you to find the ideal combination of activities that fits your budget, timeline and desired location.

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Save yourself 

Firefighter survival

Firefighter safety is our top priority! This course provides essential techniques to protect personnel and can help prevent or mitigate injury or fatality in the line of duty. Trainees will benefit from interactive lectures as well as Hands-On Training, which includes evolutions such as FF Disorientation, Breaching skills, Disentanglement tactics and  Reduced Profiling methods. Going back hom mission!

Save our Own 

Rapid Intervention Teams

Is an intensive training program developed to prepare firefighters for the possibility of rescuing their own. Through lectures and 1 or 2 days of Hands-On Training activities. Fire Rescue Group instructors focus on your specific agency’s tools and manpower limitations and assist in the development of crew problem solving abilities by offering true-to-life firefighter rescue scenarios. All evolutions revolve around the rescue and removal of downed firefighters. This course involves extreme physical activity.

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