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Fire Rescue Group is a Firefighter-owned and operated, international multilingual traveling online and on-site training and consulting company for all things Fire services and more. promoting Fire Service Proficiency and good practice 


We started in 2022 as a consulting and educational company, because we noticed a lack of training and overall low performance of the firefighters around the world. We believe that with good training, proper techniques, and guidance, we can keep our family in the fire services safe in any situation.

Our goal is to reach the places where training is a luxury not a routine, so we can change that mindset and reduce the amount of injuries and deaths amongst the firefighter community.

We want everyone, no matter their situation or background, to have access to quality training, to be better prepared, and to have the confidence to do their job.

  Our Story

Armando Rivas,  over two decades of extensive experience in emergency medicine, prehospital care, and fire suppression. My journey began in Caracas, Venezuela, where he honed his skills as a Nurse, Paramedic, and specialist in Technical Rescue and Disaster Relief for the Venezuelan Red Cross.

Armando embarked on a new chapter in the United States, specifically in Florida, where I currently serve as a firefighter paramedic and a Special Operator Rescuer. His role extends to being an EMS/Fire Instructor, a Special Operations Rescue Instructor.

Additionally, he is the founder and lead instructor of Fire Rescue Group and International Firefighter Training, a consulting company dedicated to teaching IFLS (International Firefighter Life Saving Strategies). This unique curriculum blends firefighter survival techniques with rapid intervention team operations training. 

Apart from his professional commitments, he hosts a  bilingual international podcast, Bomberos On Fire. This podcast focuses on mental health issues for first responders, providing support and guidance to all those in need.


In addition, He is a  RIT (Rapid Intervention Team) and confined space operations nerd. Passion for heavy metal music , a passion that complements the intensity and dedication I bring to all aspects of my life and career.


Our Vision

Fire Rescue Group is all about considering your unique necessities, circumstances and equipment when making a plan for you. We go anywhere in the world, consult with fire departments on what they need from us and come up with customized plans based on your strengths & weaknesses. As well as our own strengths like Rapid intervention teams and functional fitness. 


Fire Rescue Group is a global mobile consultancy and training organization with strong online capabilities. We provide innovative solutions to enhance the efficiency of fire service operations at any location, whether onsite or remotely. Our comprehensive suite of services ensures that firefighters have access to updated tools and best practices in their critical roles as lifesavers around the world.

Global Reach  

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