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Fire Rescue Group is a
Firefighter owned and operated,
international multilingual traveling online
and on site training and consulting
company for all thing Fire services
and more. promoting Fire Service
Proficiency and good practice 


Fire Rescue Group is a company that specializes in helping fire departments around the world to  improve their skills and overall performance. We provide consulting, training for individuals or entire teams of firefighters, as well as learning tools to complete one's job better. We adapt to the client's circumstances and adjust any type of training or consulting to their specific needs. 



Fire Rescue Group 
“Firemen never know what they will encounter on each call but proceed with the same level of commitment and service.” – Byron Pulsifer

Fire Rescue Group is all about taking your unique necessities, circumstances and equipment into account when making a plan for you. We go anywhere in the world, consult with fire departments on what they need from us and come up with customized plans based on your strengths & weaknesses. As well as our own strengths like Rapid intervention teams and functional fitness. 


Fire Rescue Group 
Is constantly expanding their capabilities and expanding the reach so that we can better serve our clients and meet their needs.

Fire Rescue Group is a global mobile consultancy and training organization with strong online capabilities. We provide innovative solutions to enhance the efficiency of fire service operations at any location, whether onsite or remotely. Our comprehensive suite of services ensures that firefighters have access to updated tools and best practices in their critical roles as lifesavers around the world.

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