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New Episode (in English) April 24th Monday

Bomberos on Fire

Two Firefighters one microphones in the Middle of Downton St. Cloud Fl. .

Join us in this especial episode, in our first English episode as we go beyond the flames, ems calls, long shift and talk to an experienced firefighter and a good friend about his unique perspective on mental health. Mark Williams, a Firefighter Paramedic Preceptor and Hazmat Tech. Mind wild the podcast is done in the middle of Beautiful downtown St. Cloud Florida, USA Spotify Link

Mark and I share our stories, how we tackle mental health challenges, family issues, future projects and more. Plus stay tuned for updates on our new podcast initiatives! Come get inspired by professionals firefigthers and learn more about Mental Health with Bomberos On Fire Podcast, you can also listen to us on and like always you can find us on instagram and facebook under Fire Rescue Group for more information! Share and Subscribe.

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