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To elevate the skill level of our firefighters and provide them with varied, realistic training opportunities, we propose the construction and operation of container-based training props. These props offer a cost-effective solution to enhance our training capabilities, ensuring our firefighters are well-prepared for any emergency scenario.

Construction, Design, and Operations

Container - Based Training Props 

Cost Effective 

Lower Initial Investment:

  • Building and modifying shipping containers is significantly less expensive than constructing traditional training facilities.

Reduced Maintenance Costs:

  • Containers are durable and require less maintenance compared to larger, more complex structures.


  • Additional containers can be added as needed, allowing for gradual expansion without significant upfront costs.

Fire Rescue Group Plan

Site Selection and Preparation:

  • We will help to identify and prepare a suitable location for the container props.

Container Procurement and Modification:

  • We will help you with to select the best container  and guide you with the modification process of the  containers to meet specific training needs,

Instructor Training:

  • Fire Rescue Group will ensure your instructors are trained to effectively utilize the new training props.

Safety and Compliance:

  •  Ensure all training activities comply with relevant regulations and standards.

Training Benefits

Realistic Scenarios:

  • Container-based props can be customized to simulate residential, commercial, and industrial fire situations, providing diverse training environments.

 Controlled Environment:

  • These props allow for controlled fire conditions, enabling precise training on fire behavior, ventilation, and rescue operations.

Skill Development:

  • Focused training modules can address specific skills such as search and rescue, fire suppression, and incident command.

Online Lecture

Do you have the terrain or / and containers but are unsure where to start?

      Fire Rescue Group offers expert guidance through our Container - based Training Prop Design, Construction and Operation Online Course. This comprehensive course provides you with the knowledge to create the most cost-effective and efficient training ground tailored to your needs. Delivered in both Spanish and English, our class is accessible regardless of your location, the only limit is your imagination. Contact us today to schedule a session and transform your training capabilities.

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