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Smart Victim Search

This course is designed to address the critical need for effective search and rescue operations within diverse and often challenging structural environments under varying conditions. It aims to significantly enhance the practical skills and strategic understanding of all participants, ensuring that they are not only proficient in advanced search techniques but also capable of adapting these techniques to the unique demands of different emergencies.


The course structure is meticulously crafted to ensure progression from foundational skills to advanced operational tactics, facilitating a deep understanding of fire behavior, the impact of environmental factors on search operations, and the critical role of safety and risk management. 

The SVS course combines theoretical instruction with extensive hands-on practice, emphasizing real-world applicability and scenario-based training. Through this approach, firefighters are trained to efficiently navigate and operate within a variety of structural layouts, from residential to industrial settings, using systematic search patterns.

Smart Victim Search

    • Basic Firefighting Training

    • Physical Fitness

    • Operational Experience with Firefighting Equipment

    • Communication Skills

    • Problem-Solving Skills

    • Teamwork

    Optional Preparations

    • VEIS (Ventilation, Enter, Isolation, and Search) Familiarization 


    • 2 to 3 days

    • 8-hour sessions each day, including both theoretical and practical components.

    • 3er day is optional reserved for Training under Live Fire conditions  (depending of location and resources)


    • Develop Comprehensive Search Techniques

    •  Master Essential Fire Fighting Equipment

    • Enhance Team Coordination and Communication

    • Apply Skills in Realistic Scenarios

    • Emphasize Safety and Risk Management

    Main Objective 

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